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How to Take Effective Traffic Accident Photos

By Joseph Low on May 30, 2022

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California Car Accidents – Photo Evidence

The state of California is home to the largest population in the entire country. The highest number of people means that the more drivers there are on the roads the more accidents happen. If you have been in a car accident it is very likely you were injured or were left with damage to your vehicle. An experienced California car accident attorney may be able to help you in the aftermath of a wreck. In order to establish your case, it is helpful to be able to provide any photos you have from the accident.

Accident Photos Can Help Your Case

When it comes to determining which driver was at fault, there is no better proof than time stamped photos at the scene of the wreck. Luckily, smart phone photos automatically have the date and time attached to them. It is also smart to add location in your phone’s camera settings to reveal the exact place the images were taken. The more precise details that can be compiled in the visual representation from the damage of your wreck, the more your accident photos could support your case. Memory can be unreliable, and particularly after the trauma of a vehicle collision.

What Photos Should You Take?

The ideal accident photos would be taken before the vehicles are moved from the crash site. No one plans to wreck their car, so the circumstances may be tough. The most important thing to remember is safety. That means that if you must get out of the road to stay safe from oncoming traffic as a priority. If the cars had to be moved to the shoulder from the roadway you can still take pictures of where the accident happened to reveal any tire marks on the pavement and the damage to each vehicle.

It is important to get photos from various angles as best you can, including close and wide angled, to depict what happened. The most vital details to photograph after a wreck are:

  • Bodily injuries that are visible
  • Damage to the vehicle both exterior and interior
  • The point of impact and the road surrounding the cars
  • License plates of the vehicles
  • The area of the accident including intersections, road signage, and construction zones
  • Weather conditions at the time of the wreck
  • Identification details such as drivers’ license numbers, insurance cards, the badge number of the police officer attending to the accident, and any eyewitness’ contact information

Remember to try to capture anything that may have been a circumstance that led to the accident. Even things as mundane as overgrown trees that block visibility. You can also record videos. Accurate representation of the site of your wreck on the day it happened will help your case.

Do I Need an Attorney?

An officer will write a report about the accident, but regardless of who law enforcement believes was at fault, you should speak with a skilled Long Beach personal injury lawyer. Attorney Joseph H. Low IV is a knowledgeable and passionate advocate who wins for his clients. He could negotiate with insurers on your behalf, so you can focus on your health and recovery, knowing your injury claim is in the hands of a true professional. His years of experience as a trial attorney have given him a powerful ability to fight for the right to fair compensation. Contact the Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV to set up a consultation.

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