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Joseph H. Low IV Commemorates the 2011 Golden State Ride 2 Recovery Challenge to Benefit Healing Vets

By Joseph Low on November 23, 2012

Golden State Ride 2 Recovery Challenge

When asked why he’s participated in the Ride 2 Recovery Challenge on more than one occasion, former U.S. Marine and Attorney Joseph H. Low IV, stated that he couldn’t imagine not doing it. To Mr. Low, Ride 2 Recovery helps veterans see that their sacrifices are appreciated and brings comradery back to life. Mr. Low not only understands the unique challenges facing active military service members but also knows what obstacles they face after suffering injury, whether physical or emotional, after a tour or multiple tours of service. Our veterans deserve every opportunity to recover from their experiences and one of the events to help veterans get the support services they need is Ride 2 Recovery.

Ride 2 Recovery (R2R) is a cycling event produced by the Fitness Challenge Foundation, in partnership with the Military and VA Volunteer Service Office to benefit mental and physical rehabilitation programs for wounded U.S. veterans. R2R raises funds to support outdoor cycling programs and Spinning Recovery Labs at VA and military locations across the country in order to help wounded veterans overcome the challenges they face. R2R holds various events throughout the year across the country and, being a proud supporter of the nation’s military and our veterans, Joseph Low is proud to participate in numerous rides and, in fact, participated in the October 2011 R2R Golden State Challenge.

The Golden State Challenge ride ran from San Francisco to Santa Monica along scenic Highway 1, also referred to as the Pacific Coast Highway. All healing veterans rode for free. Being together and riding custom-made bicycles that allows them to function again in ways they didn’t think were possible, is one main aspect of Ride 2 Recovery that restores the passion in veterans who are often forsaken by the government. Attorney Joseph Low is proud to ride among the heroes of our country and help them achieve their event goals to celebrate the commitment to freedom, dignity, and honor.

Our military service men and women deserve admiration and respect for what they’ve gone through to protect the rights of U.S. citizens and other innocents around the world. As an experienced military defense attorney, Joseph Low is dedicated to providing active military men and women and veterans with the legal support they deserve.

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