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Long Beach DUI Checkpoint Leads to Multiple Arrests, Citations

By Joseph Low on June 4, 2013

A recent DUI (driving under the influence) checkpoint coordinated by Long Beach Police resulted in five people being arrested for drunk driving. As reported by The Long Beach Press-Telegram, the checkpoint was held from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. at the intersection of Cherry Avenue and 45th Street.

In addition to the five people who were arrested for DUI, an additional six drivers were cited for being unlicensed and another six were cited for driving on a suspended license. In total, six vehicles were impounded by the police.

While police must have probable cause for pulling over a driver who they see on the street, such as swerving or being involved in a crash, DUI checkpoints are different. Any driver who enters a police checkpoint can be subjected to questions and field sobriety tests by police officers, even if they show no signs of being drunk.

These field sobriety tests, such as the horizontal nystagmus test and the one-leg stand, will quickly show signs of intoxication. These tests can be followed by a breathalyzer test, which can lead to an arrest, charges, a potential conviction, and serious charges.

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