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Long Beach Is Trying to Make the Streets Safer for Pedestrians

By Joseph Low on September 30, 2019

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As stated in a recent Long Beach Post article, 31 people were killed in traffic crashes in Long Beach last year, including 11 pedestrians and bicyclists. To address this serious problem, city leaders have initiated the Safe Streets Long Beach Vision Zero Project, an action plan with the goal of eliminating severe and fatal traffic-related injuries by 2026.

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What Is the Vision Zero Project About?

The aims of the Vision Zero project are simple – to achieve a highway and arterial system with no fatalities and no serious injuries from traffic crashes. The plan is based on the principle that safety is the priority of any public transit-way. This approach started in Sweden. It was approved by the Swedish parliament in October 1997. Since that time, traffic fatalities in Sweden have decreased dramatically, even though vehicle miles traveled have increased.

Pedestrians Are the Most Vulnerable Travelers

The Long Beach Post reports that there were 1,982 car collisions involving pedestrians reported to the Long Beach Police Department over five years. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable travelers on city streets and roadways, and the faster a vehicle is traveling when a collision occurs, the higher the risk of death or serious injury for the pedestrian:

  • 20 mph: 13% likelihood of severe or fatal injuries
  • 30 mph: 40% likelihood of severe or fatal injuries
  • 40 mph: 73% likelihood of severe or fatal injuries

Although pedestrians and cyclists are involved in only 12% of collisions, they account for 46% of all traffic-related serious injuries and fatalities. Injuries sustained by a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle may include:

  • Fractured bones
  • Dislocated limbs
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Severe lacerations
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Severe burns

How Can Vision Zero Increase Pedestrian Safety?

Vision Zero policies will design streets for all modes of travel, focus law enforcement on more dangerous corridors and activities, increase funding for bicycle and transit projects, and create ways to slow down traffic – a vital aspect of reducing serious injuries and deaths among pedestrians. The program encompasses the idea that the streets are only as safe as their most vulnerable users: people on foot.

The city’s plan includes:

  • Dedicating resources to Vision Zero actions
  • Building safe streets
  • Promoting a safety culture
  • Improving data and transparency
  • Equity – building a transportation system that works for everyone

Get Experienced Legal Help after a Pedestrian Accident

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