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Long Beach Violent Crime Rates Hit 40-Year Low in 2012

By Joseph Low on February 22, 2013

Officials with the Long Beach Police Department have released the final crime statistics for the city in 2012, with results showing that violent crime occurred at the lowest rates since 1972. Violent crime as a whole decreased by more than five percent from the previous year, according to CBS Local.

Reports indicate that all forms of violent crime decreased in 2012, except for murder, which increased. However, the rate for murder was almost 15 percent lower than the five-year average for Long Beach. While violent crime decreased, police revealed that there was a large spike in the rate of property crimes, which rose 9.9 percent from 2011.

Among the violent crimes that were said to have decreased, aggravated assault, rape, and arson all dropped during the course of 2012. Long Beach police said that their goal for 2012 was to focus on violent crime and are proud as a department to have seen rates decrease as a whole.

Violent crimes are subject to strict penalties under California law, with many being deemed as a felony. Convictions could lead to many years in state prison for the conviction of a single criminal count. Additionally, having such charges on a permanent criminal record could affect professional and personal relationships for years after all penalties have ended. These are not consequences to take lightly and you owe it to yourself to protect your rights and your future in the most effective way possible.

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