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Plea Deal Reached in Los Angeles Strip-Club Crash Case

By Joseph Low on June 20, 2013

As reported by ABC 7, a 40-year-old Paramount resident recently pled no contest to charges concerning a March 10 incident that involved him allegedly striking and trapping two men between two vehicles in a strip club parking lot on Olympic Boulevard near Alameda Street. The man had allegedly driven into the two men with his white BMW as they were walking towards their Mini-Cooper.

According to reports, a fight between the two parties had taken place inside the club before spilling out into the streets. Both victims suffered grievous injuries to their lower bodies and had to undergo amputation procedures. One victim lost one of his legs while the other lost both.

The defendant was originally booked for attempted murder. However, the charge was dropped due to lack of evidence, according to the district attorney’s office. Instead, he faced two lesser charges of causing injury due to drinking and driving. He pled no contest and is expecting five years and four months in prison. Sentencing will commence on July 17.

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