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When a Dog Bites Your Child

By Joseph Low on February 20, 2022

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Some dogs bite when engaging in rough play that gets out of hand. Some aggressive dogs may attack a person without provocation. When a dog bites a child there can be bodily injuries along with emotional distress. It is incredibly traumatic. It is the responsibility of California dog owners to ensure their dog is under control. If you are the parent or caregiver of a child who has been bitten by a dog the first thing you must do is try to remain calm for the child’s sake.

Types of Injuries

Dog bites can cause small injuries, but they can also be catastrophic. The types of injuries dogs can inflict range from minimal bruising to puncture wounds and severe lacerations. If a vicious dog attacks a child, it can lead to torn or damaged ligaments, fractured bones, face and neck trauma, or loss of little fingers or toes. Dog bite puncture wounds are prone to infection and may require extensive treatment, leaving a child with disfiguring injuries.

Dog Owner Responsibility

The owner of the dog is responsible for the animal, and for controlling aggressive behavior. Any children nearby need to be instructed to remain still so that their actions or movements do not trigger further aggression from a vicious dog. Then you can assess the severity of the child’s wounds and apply any initial first aid. If the child can be moved without risking further injury, seek medical attention immediately. If not, an ambulance may need to be called to the scene, especially for wounds on the child’s face or neck. The risk of vision loss or massive blood loss is a risk with these types of injuries.

Documenting a Dog Attack on a Child

It is crucial to document all necessary information after a dog bites a child. You will need to:

  • Take down the contact information of the dog owner such as their first and last name, along with their telephone number and address.
  • The dog should have proof of a rabies vaccination on their leash or collar. If proof is not available, get the name and number of the dog’s veterinarian to verify their vaccine status.
  • If no owner is present, contact animal control to obtain the dog.
  • Preserve evidence of the attack. You may need to take pictures of the scene that include the area in which it happened, the dog and the child’s wounds.
  • Call the police to report the dog bite attack. If the dog in question has attacked a person prior to this incident, they may have a record of it.
  • After initial wound care, you will want to reach out to a trauma specialist. The sooner you can get counseling for a victim of a vicious attack the better.

The Cost of Treatment

Emergency room visits, ambulance fees, surgeries, therapies and follow up care can be financially devastating. Mental health care may or may not be covered by insurance companies. It can be a long road to recovery. A developing child will need all the help they can get to recover from the physical and psychological wounds that occur from a dog bite.

Why You Need a Long Beach Dog Bite Injury Lawyer

A skilled Long Beach dog bite attorney may be able to help you recover damages in the aftermath of an animal attack. You have the right to seek legal compensation from a negligent dog owner. The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV has the experience and expertise to fight for just compensation for your child’s recovery process. Mr. Low is a compassionate advocate who wins for his clients. He has honed his skills in the legal field, and he will handle your settlement with the dog owner and insurance companies with absolute precision- allowing you to take care of your little one.

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