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Why You Should Challenge Negative Findings in a Security Clearance Decision

By Joseph Low on October 13, 2014

When your security clearance is revoked or denied, it does not necessarily mean you have committed a crime.  Nonetheless, your security clearance is important to your current job and crucial for your career future.  Whether your security clearance has been revoked or your application for a new security clearance has been denied, you should strongly consider working with an experienced California military defense lawyer to challenge the findings and increase your chances of receiving a favorable clearance determination.

The decision to revoke or deny your security clearance should be communicated to you in a document called the “Statement of Reasons.”  The Statement of Reasons explains why your clearance is at risk.  Some reasons may be related to potential or actual criminal charges you are facing.  In this case, do not hesitate to mention to your criminal defense attorney that you are facing a possible revocation or denial of your security clearance in addition to the criminal charges.

Even if the reasons given for revoking your security clearance say nothing about any possibly criminal activity, you should still seek a hearing from an Administrative Judge to make sure your side of the story is fully heard.  You have fifteen days after receiving the Statement of Reasons to request this hearing.  Your attorney can help you decide how best to fight for the clearance you need to do your job and that accurately reflects your ability to maintain standards of confidentiality.

An initial revocation or denial of security clearance need not be the end of your career.  Talk to an experienced attorney today, especially if you are also facing criminal accusations.

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