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Why You Should Always Consider Road Rash a Serious Injury

By Joseph Low on March 18, 2020

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Riding your motorcycle can be one of the most exciting and practical ways to get around Long Beach and LA, but riding in these areas comes with risks. As a rider, if you are in an accident, you are far more likely to be injured, even in a slow speed collision.

One of the most common injuries motorcyclists sustain is road rash – the abrasion or total removal of skin caused by sliding on the roadway. It is vital that you seek medical attention at once if you have suffered these abrasions, as road rash can rapidly turn into a major health risk if not treated.

Types of Road Rash

Road rash is usually categorized into one of three levels of severity:

  • First-degree: When your road rash has only affected the top layers of your skin and covers a relatively small area, it’s generally classified as first-degree and can be easily treated. Many cases of first-degree road rash heal without visible scarring.
  • Second-degree: The more severe form of road rash involves bleeding, swelling, and exposed muscles, tendons, and bone underneath the skin. Second-degree road rash comes with a high risk of infection and requires immediate medical treatment.
  • Third-degree: The worst form of road rash occurs when the skin is entirely removed. Such injuries can bleed profusely, are excruciatingly painful, and often results in long-term or permanent damage. Third-degree road rash requires immediate medical assistance and usually requires skin grafts and other surgeries. There is a high risk of infection, and disfiguring scars are common.

Regardless of how severe your road rash appears on the outside, road rash also often results in severe damage to the underlying tissue, including the nerves. The two most common injuries associated with road rash are:

  • Tissue necrosis: Severe trauma can cause the underlying muscle and tissue to die, which can cause extreme pain in the surrounding tissue and requires immediate surgical intervention.
  • Nerve damage: The nerves in the tissue under your skin can suffer severe damage and may require surgery to repair.

The Potential Complications of Road Rash

Regardless of the severity of the road rash, any such injury has a high chance of becoming infected, and that infection can rapidly turn serious. Some of the common complications associated with road rash include:

  • Scarring
  • Local bacterial infections
  • Staph infection
  • Tetanus
  • Sepsis and septic shock
  • Blood poisoning
  • Chronic pain
  • Permanent nerve, muscle, or tissue damage

In severe cases, the infection and subsequent systemic damage can lead to permanent disability or even death if not treated.

Always See a Doctor After Suffering Road Rash

The first thing to do after you’ve been in a motorcycle accident is to see a doctor. Even if you believe your injuries are minor, you need proper medical care to ensure it doesn’t develop into something more serious. Dirt and debris from the roadway may have introduced dangerous bacteria into your skin and tissue.

Recovering After a Traumatic Motorcycle Collision

If your accident was the result of the negligent or reckless driving of another, you might be eligible for compensation for your injuries. Our Long Beach motorcycle accident attorney is here to help you recover financial damages. We can review the circumstances of your accident and determine whether your case merits an insurance claim or lawsuit.

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