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Attorney Joseph Low Representing Injured Bakersfield High School Student

By Joseph Low on June 27, 2016

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Attorney Joseph Low is currently representing a young man who was injured during a Bakersfield High School pep rally six years ago, when the man was still a student at the high school. The suit alleges that the man was injured during a “dog pile” attack by several members of the Bakersfield High School football team during the December 2010 rally.

Mitchell Carter is suing the Kern County High School District, claiming he suffered permanent injuries during the alleged incident. Video evidence of the rally shows Carter dressed in a chicken suit, being tackled from behind by two Bakersfield High School football players. Another video shows Carter at the bottom of a dog pile as other students at the rally continue to jump on top of him.

While the school makes the claim that it was unaware that the dog pile was going to take place during the pep rally, the fact remains that the school does have an obligation to protect its students from harm. The school also cites that Carter was 18 years of age at the time of the incident, and therefore willingly consented to be a part of the pep rally skit.

The point of contention in this case is whether or not the school is responsible for the traumatic brain injuries that were sustained by Carter. As more details develop in this story, our law firm will update this blog site with as much information as we can.


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