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Long Beach Arrest for Fake Pipe Bomb Leads to Multiple Charges for Suspect

By Joseph Low on March 1, 2013

Long Beach Police recently arrested a man after pulling him over for driving erratically and allegedly finding that he had a loaded handgun and a pipe bomb in his car. While the bomb turned out to be a replica, the suspect now faces multiple charges, according to The Long Beach Press-Telegram.

The 48-year-old man was originally arrested on suspicion of possessing a loaded handgun and a hoax bomb device after police pulled him over and a Los Angeles County bomb squad inspected the fake pipe bomb. Afterward, the man’s car was inspected, where officers allegedly found narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and other evidence connected to the investigation.

Now, charges have been filed for sale/offer to sell a controlled substance, transportation of a controlled substance, possession for sale of a controlled substance, ex-felon in possession of a firearm, and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Under California law, there are multiple offenses that a defendant can be charged with for simply possessing a handgun. Simply having a gun in your possession while in public without a license to do so can result in multiple years in prison under Penal Code Section 12031. However, this can increase if crimes are committed while in possession of a gun. Penal Code Section 12021.5 states that anyone who is carrying a firearm or has one is his or her vehicle while committing a felony can be punished by an additional one, two, or three years in state prison.

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