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Summer Is a Time for Relaxation, But Pedestrians Shouldn’t Let Their Guard Down

By Joseph Low on July 1, 2019

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As we move into the summertime in Long Beach, you might be itching to break out the grill or walk down to the shoreline. Long Beach is filled with commerce, entertainment, and other things to occupy you and your family’s time during the summer. However, as you are out walking around, it’s important to remember the dangers you could face from other drivers as a pedestrian.

Pedestrian Accidents in Long Beach

According to local residents, there are a number of intersections that you may want to avoid if you’re a pedestrian. Topping the list of the worst intersections in Long Beach was the Los Alamitos Traffic Circle, a roundabout that connects East Los Coyotes Diagonal, North Lakewood Boulevard, and the Pacific Coast Highway. While studies indicate that traffic circles are, on average, safer than other intersections, many Long Beach residents don’t care for them. If you’re a pedestrian in that area, be on the lookout for cars traveling at high speeds and making sharp turns.

8th Street and Termino Avenue, East Stearns Street and Palo Verde Avenue, and East 4th Street and Redondo Avenue were some of the other intersections that residents agreed were some of the most hazardous.  At every intersection, it’s important to be on the lookout for cars that ignore traffic signals and stop signs. Ideally, if you know that an intersection has a reputation for being dangerous, it might be smart to avoid it if possible.

What About Scooters and Bicycles?

Cars aren’t the only vehicles that pose a risk to pedestrians. Motorized scooters can pose an unexpected yet serious risk when you’re walking down the street. Because the scooter’s speed tops out at 15 mph, many people consider them to be too slow for the street yet too fast for the sidewalk. While it is illegal in Long Beach to drive a motorized scooter on the sidewalks, people don’t always follow the rules. If you’re crossing the street at a busy intersection, you’ll have to hope that everyone who is driving a car, riding a scooter, or riding a bike will all follow the rules of the road. When they don’t, accidents can happen.

A Long Beach Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Getting seriously injured in a pedestrian accident is always traumatic. You may have to face mounting medical expenses, physical rehabilitation, or worse. Don’t let the negligence of a driver affect your life any more than it must. At The Law Firm of Joseph H. Low IV, we are dedicated to helping victims in a pedestrian accident receive the right financial compensation. We will work to determine the parties that should be held liable, examine evidence, and provide you with the strong representation you need to win your case. Contact our office at (562) 901-0840 to schedule a free consultation.

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