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To Recognize Concussion in Girls, Look for These Symptoms

By Joseph Low on October 6, 2014

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A study published recently in the medical journal PLOS ONE suggests that girls show different symptoms after concussions than boys typically do.  While more research is needed, the study may provide useful information for parents, teachers, and coaches who suspect that a student-athlete has suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

The study surveyed 9,288 Ontario students in grades 7 through 12 who had suffered a concussion.  Overall, boys were six percent more likely than girls to suffer concussions, but both groups were most likely to have been injured while playing sports: soccer and basketball topped the list for both groups, followed by football for boys and cheer leading for girls.

Researchers found that the symptoms typically reported by girls after a concussion differed from those typically reported by boys.  Girls were more likely to report having experienced bullying, becoming more anxious and depressed, contemplating suicide, and turning to smoking and drinking.  By contrast, boys were more likely to report “acting out,” bullying others, and seeing their grades slip.

The researchers warn that more information is needed before the study’s results can be used to find effective treatments for concussion.  However, adults who work with student-athletes may be able to help their students more effectively if they keep in mind that the symptoms of concussion can appear in different ways – sometimes, weeks or even months after the actual injury.

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