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Uber Finally Forms Safety Board

By Joseph Low on February 21, 2016

In the last couple years, the ridesharing company Uber has become popular here in Southern California. And it’s easy to see why. Uber offers a fast, convenient way to travel that’s cheaper than taking a taxi and easier than taking a bus or a train. You open up an app, press a button, and a car is on the way to pick you up. But, Uber has had its problems, namely with safety.

Uber operates under an insurance gray area. Because Uber is a ridesharing company and not a taxi company, its drivers don’t have the same commercial coverage for passengers that taxi companies require for their cars. In many accident cases, Uber declared it wasn’t liable for their drivers because people who drive for Uber aren’t employees, but independent contractors. This puts the responsibility for an accident on the driver and their insurance. And, we’re guessing most people don’t get commercial driving licenses before signing up with Uber.

In the summer of 2015, Uber settled a wrongful death suit with a San Francisco family whose daughter was hit by an Uber driver on the way to pick up a fare. How thorough Uber background checks drivers as also come into question after several riders reported being attacked by Uber drivers. With concerns about safety mounting, the company announced it was creating a permanent “global safety advisory board” to handle issues dealing with safety for both drivers and passengers.

The board includes transportation experts, legal experts, and former law enforcement officials. With Uber getting bigger and taking on more drivers, you’ll be hearing a lot more Uber-related car accidents and safety issues in the news.

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