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Why Choose a Civilian Defense Attorney?

By Joseph Low on June 26, 2014

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If you’re facing a court-martial or criminal charges in the military, you may have a Judge Advocate appointed, or “detailed,” for you.  But you may also consider hiring a private civilian defense lawyer.  Although the costs of hiring your own military defense attorney may seem high, the benefits often outweigh the costs.  Here’s how:

Civilian defense lawyers have time to devote to your case. The key to success in military defense cases is time.  Having the time to investigate, plan, and prepare is crucial in building a vigorous defense that strives toward the best possible outcome.  While your detailed Judge Advocate’s services are free, he or she may have dozens or even hundreds of other cases that need attention.  As a military officer, your government attorney may also be responsible for training, completing performance reports, or fulfilling other duties – tasks your civilian attorney won’t have on his or her plate.

Civilian defense lawyers have experience. Not all government attorneys have much experience in criminal defense.  Many are fresh out of law school, while others handle primarily non-criminal matters.  By contrast, civilian military defense attorneys have both the experience in criminal law and the experience in military matters to fully understand your needs and to meet them.

Civilian defense lawyers can team up with your Judge Advocate. You don’t have to dismiss your detailed attorney when you hire a civilian defense lawyer.  Instead, the two can work together on your case, helping to control costs while still giving you the representation you need.  In this situation, you access the “best of both worlds.”

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